What Fritz the Blitz Flash Is All About


I wasn’t very fond of flashes, I preferred going out, enjoying natural light and shooting under the sunlight, until I met Mr. Fritz the Blitz…

The first thing that catches your on the Fritz the Blitz Flash is its shape. It reminds me of these old portable flashes, those which had lightbulbs that exploded every now and then. It’s perfect with the La Sardina and its retro look. I think it’s such a cool accessory that makes you look like a photojournalist from the 20th century.

The adapter is designed to perfectly fit your camera La Sardina as you can see here:

With the adapter kit, you can use Fritz the Blitz with any camera that has a hot-shoe adapter for portable flashes, like most Lomography cameras (Diana F+ has got an adapter too) and virtually every reflex and rangefinder camera. Here are some examples of how the flash looks on some cameras:

Personally, the thing I like the most about Fritz the Blitz is that it has a very powerful flash, which is adjustable depending on the distance.

It also loads really fast. That means that between each shot the time the flash requires to be ready to use again is very little. This last detail is very important, mostly if you want tu use Fritz the Blitz with your LomoKino

…like in this movie by susielomovitz

Another very useful thing that features your Fritz the Blitz (although sometimes they’re hard to put and take out) are the color filters, because they let you add a bit of colour to your flash. At the same time, it diffuses it making your shots more uniform.

So, you know, if you’re thinking of buying a flash, don’t think twice and ask Mr. Fritz the Blitz!

Credits: guanatos

written by guanatos on 2012-04-03 #videos #gear #review #analogue #accessories #flash #fritz-the-blitz
translated by didocarrero

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