My Cameras, My Best Friends

I will share with you how three inanimate objects animate my life. Read on to find out more about my relationship with my cameras.

I was first introduced to Lomography in June 2011 – recent, I know. A birthday present from my younger sister, I knew squat about Lomography or about the Diana Mini she presented me. Much trial and error was required before I grew to love the Diana Mini and simply couldn’t put it down.

My first two rolls during a trip to Pulau Redang proved I had much to learn.

Ever since, the Diana Mini and I have been inseparable. Be it to the islands, to work, to downtown KL, to holidaying abroad, to parties with friends, or to family events like balik kampung for New Year’s, the Diana Mini has been ever present.

But the Mini has not only garnered a huge interest in photography… to me, it has become my other pair of eyes – to see things from the perspective of the lens, to observe things others perhaps are not fully aware of, to realise things that weren’t there before. The fact that I do not know how my photos will turn up until I have completed the roll and sent it to the studio makes it all the more interesting – patience, trust in yourself – something the digital camera has perhaps taken away!

Present-day, being a foreigner in a neighbouring city: my Diana Mini, my Actionsampler, and my nameless underwater multi-lens 35mm film camera. These three have helped me discover myself, have helped me realise sometimes when you find lack of human company, a simple battery-less camera can do wonders. It can motivate you to go to monuments, parks, lakes, beaches, temples, markets, unexplored places just so you can take in the atmosphere and capture the memory on film; a 35mm roll of X-Pro, Tungsten, Redscale, B&W, what have you, film – through a double-frame, double-exposure, flash-assisted, coloursplash filled, actionsampler, simple nameless multilens perspective(s).

It helps you slow-down, to observe, to instead of hurrying-by with little regard to opening your mind and eyes and putting your eye through the viewfinder. Nevermind the locals are noting you with a strange eye – a camera that resembles a toy more than anything, a girl holding it to her face capturing something unique that they do not seem to see. It has made my solitary stay interesting and bearable. It has altered my perception of the world, and of life.

The Diana Mini is the ultra-compact, petite version of the Diana F+. This camera takes soft-focused, lo-fi images in 35mm and allows you to change between half-format and square shots with a flick of a switch. Get your own Diana Mini now!

written by 186juney on 2012-04-04 #lifestyle #adventure #malaysia #photography #foreigner #internship #appreciation #self-discovery

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