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If you were ever able to catch an episode of Fun Taiwan hosted by the lovely Janet Hsieh, you’d see how fun it really is to be in Taiwan – aside from its picturesque countryside with an abundance of flora and fauna, it’s highly-developed capital, Taipei, is a vibrant mix of east and west; traditional and modern. Interested in paying it a visit? Check out what your fellow lomographers have to say through this Locations series feature on Taipei!

Aside from sightseeing and shopping, another popular activity to do while in Taiwan is eat! With its abundance of night markets teeming with both cheap buys and equally cheap eats, it’s definitely tempting to indulge, and hey, you’re on vacation so make the most out of it! Just take note of what you’re ordering though as the street food can range from the delightful bubble tea and bao bing to the infamous stinky tofu to something extremely exotic such as chicken hearts, you’ll definitely get the full range of delicacies here.

For night market shopping, duringmyheyday writes, “The night markets of Taiwan are one of the best things that I love about this country. These daily market places are everywhere – some occupy only small side streets and some can house up to 15,000 stalls and shops. The one that is nearest to where I live is the Nanya Night Market. If there’s one Taiwanese cultural experience I would recommend, the vibrancy of night markets is definitely at the top of the list.”

photo by duringmyheyday

One of our more regular contributors here in the Locations section, especially when it comes to things about Taiwan, duringmyheyday, provides a lot of valuable information – and analogue photos for those who are thinking about paying it a visit.

Speaking of visiting Taipei (or Taiwan), yuanchin13 wrote about his brief visit to Taipei wherein in spite of the tight schedule, he still had a blast, much thanks to the abundance of activities to do even late at night. He shares, “Although our time in Taiwan was a ‘rush-hour’ experience (we were literally bounded by time), I still have an amazing trip to Taiwan and I really got to experience first-hand the lifestyle of the Taiwanese. One thing that strikes me the most was also the friendliness and the gracious hospitality offered by the Taiwanese. One thing is for sure, I’m planning another not-so-rush trip to Taiwan some time soon.”

photo by yuanchin13

To further immerse yourself in the local culture – especially if you’re still young (or at least young at heart), a popular hangout for Taiwan’s youth is Ximending. It’s also where shopping is much more affordable compared to the many high-end malls that are also littered all over Taipei. Ccwai writes, “Located in Taipei, Ximending also resembles one of those funkiest area in the city. It is jampacked with the newest fashions from all over the world (mainly Japan) and also by some local brands designed by young talents. You can see stalls everywhere selling little accessories from earrings to phone straps that exude “cuteness”. While walking on the streets of Ximending, do take a moment to stop at a stall or a shop and buy some delicious local snacks like the famous “ZhenNai” (abbreviation for Pearl Milk Tea). Oh, and let’s not forget about the various performances carried out by talented Taiwanese artists at night. You are sure to see crowds gathering around them, fully absorbed in the performer’s act.”

photo by ccwai

And for a more detailed account of Taipei life, check out ghostkamera's article about his three month's stay in Taipei!

photo by ghostkamera

What about you? Do you have any interesting Taipei (or Taiwan) stories to share? Submit it to our Locations section now!:)

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