Portraits of Strangers: I Love Strangers

Most of us are afraid of taking photos of strangers in the street and I think that’s one big obstacle for us to express our creativity and share our vision in daily lives. I think that most countries don’t have the rule to forbid us to take photos in the street, except in some private places.

I do believe that most of photographers or even lomographers would love to take photos of strangers but sometimes they are too shy or afraid of doing so. I again would stress that most countries don’t have any rules forbidding us from taking photos in the streets which is a good news for us. Some people face strangers who feel offended if you took their photos, so do apologize and walk away immediately. If you already did so, promise them that you’ll send them a copy of their photos or you’ll not publish their photos.

Some would love to ask permission to take photographs which is the most brilliant way but somehow, what’s the meaning of street portraits snapshots if they all just pose and smile (it seems that everybody have the same style)? So why not we take another route and take photos of them spontaneously?

This is one of my early shots. I took a photo of the McDonald’s worker spontaneously because I think it’s hard to get their photo while they’re serving us.
I took this one because I think the child is so adorable. So, I asked permission from his mother and snapped rightaway. Sometimes, it’s good to use low angle as it allows your subject to look bigger.
Found out that this man is too occupied with his work and it’s the best moment to shoot him without being noticed. So I gave it a try and it turned out to be okay.
We chanced upon a few visitors from overseas and my friend asked to shoot their pictures. Luckily, they agreed. These kids look that they enjoy their visit over here!
These guys are rushing to the man who’s holding the camera ust to get in the shot, and I know it’s my chance to get a nice picture and different persective from others.
Got no more obvious reason for taking this photo except the girl on the right is beautiful (at least in my eyes she’s beautiful!).
This man is baking some traditional food and I think it’s quite different, as it’s always the women who do the cooking (no offense to women, though).
The standing man’s trying to offer the guy who sit his massage oil. He made a joke to me that I can’t shoot his picture.
I felt the urge to shoot as the available light will suit the camera’s shutter speed. Luckily, it turn out to be good.
She was sitting still there and I thought, why don’t I take a photo of her without her noticing me?

The point I’m trying to say is that you don’t need paid models to fill your frames. Sometimes, it’s good to breathe a new life by jumping to the streets and took street photos. You can see colourful characters and some events may change your perspective in your entire life. If your picture is strong it’s not impossible to change others too. I admit that some of my perspective in my life changed due to certain things that I see when I shoot. A father’s love towards his children, although he may not always seem not to show it , the society problem in my country, and many others. The people in the street can be captured for free and their emotions are completely pure and their smiles are not fake. Just my plain opinion!

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