Wesseltoft Schwarz Duo on Tour with the LC-Wide

Norwegian jazz-musician and pianist Bugge Wesseltoft and German DJ/producer Henrik Schwarz are worldwide known and famous. Since 2009 they are making music together: The Wesseltoft Duo was created! Last year they toured through Europe, where they took some beautiful pictures with the LC-Wide. Read on to find out more about them, their music and their tour.

Henrik Schwarz and Bugge Wesseltoft on Tour

1. Could you tell us more about yourself? How did Bugge Wesseltoft and Henrik Schwarz meet?
Our agency brought us together. They were informed about our musical backgrounds and our similarities (electronic music, jazz, classic). After our first concert we knew: that’s it!

2. Your latest album which was released in June 2011, is called “Duo”. How would you describe your music?
The music was created live on stage with a lot of improvisation (using the piano and the laptop) and was refined afterwards in our studio. The music expresses a lot of Bugge’s Norwegian, melodious character as well as the style of Miles Davis or Johann Sebastian Bach. Henrik’s music changed from simple dancing-sounds to a fantastic listening experience!

3. On your last tour you shot many pictures with the LC-Wide. How did you like shooting with it?
It was great. It was kind of a nice memory of the times before iPhone photography came into our lives. The results were very surprising!

4. Was it your first time shooting with an analogue camera?
Yes, it was.

5. Which of your songs would fit best to the photo gallery?
The title Kammermusik. It’s the perfect music for travelling.

6. Which one is your favourite picture and why?
First Track. It was our first team play, a spontaneous jam in Berlin.

7. The strangest, funniest, or hands-down greatest encounter that you have had with the LC-Wide?
The camera fell onto stony soil. It didn’t get any scratches or bumps and is still working!

8. Do you have any LC-Wide tips for our community?
Keep being curious!

9. Tell us something about your future plans.
We are planning a new album in 2012. Due to that we can’t do as many live concerts as we did last year. In 2013 the Duo will be changed into a group. Besides we are planning to do some film music.

Find more information about the Wesseltoft Schwarz Duo on BuggeAndHenrik.com. There you can listen to their current album “Duo”.

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translated by lomelli

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