Everywhere, Anywhere, LC-A Always!

Brought my LC-A for a few important occasions to me! My beloved girlfriend’s 21st birthday, Chinese New Year, and not to forget, some sunshine photos from sailing. :)

There we are, my best friend and my gf on the sofa. Enjoying our fruits of labor from setting up the birthday party together! Once again, Happy Birthday Dear! :) Took some group photos that night!

Sailing with my buddies! Feeling the breeze behind your back while you sail. Let the salty water spray past you as you hike out while sailing. :) A totally cool experience…but I took some of my friends while they capsized accidentally. =) Just for the fun of it!

Lastly! Not forgetting the little things in life that makes me smile! Thank you babe for never failing to put a smile on my face. =) Especially like the way you pout when you are forced to study hahaha!

written by pepperoniii on 2012-03-24 #places #birthday #lc-a #outdoors #location #sailing #iso-100 #21st #studying #agfa-ct-precisa #lca #urban-adventures

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