The Academic Oval, UP Diliman

From the naked man at the entrance of the university to the most relaxing spot inside the campus – these are the places accessible from what UP students call the “Acad Oval”.

Credits: ydpsh

The entrance to the campus is marked by a statue of a naked man with his arms open wide. We call him “Oble”, which is short for its more proper name, The Oblation. The statue is popularly seen as a symbol of offering one’s self to the country, which is precisely what society expects of the students here.

There are rumors that students who take photos with the statue end up delaying their graduation. Well, I knew early on I wouldn’t finish my four-year course in four years, but I decided to take the photo with Oble after I graduated anyway.

With Oble

One of the most beautiful places in the university is the Academic Oval or Acad Oval for short. The oval-shaped road is lined on both sides with hundreds of acacia trees, making it nice and shady.

Originally, this was a two-way road until the administration decided to leave one lane open for joggers and bikers. While it’s pretty nice to walk around the campus, those who prefer not to get sweaty ride the Ikot jeepney. The word “ikot” means “to go around.” It has its partner, the Toki jeepeney, which goes around the campus in the opposite direction. Notice how creative we are in naming stuff?

I don’t ever get tired of taking photos of the same place.

On the other side of the oval is the Sunken Garden – a field that has literally sunk over the years. Despite the untrimmed grass and the hidden mud patches, the field is often used for sports practices and picnics. It’s also a nice place to just sit and relax after jogging around the oval.


There is just too much to see in the university, that even if I was there for so long, I know there are places I have yet to explore. I am hoping that I’ll get to do that in the near future, then I can show you more of how beautiful our campus is.

Some other outdoor photos from different parts of the campus.

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