The Great Escape: Harry Houdini at MMoCA

The great magician would have been 138-years-old this week if he could make ageing disappear. He did cheat death several times with his unbelievable escape acts and the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art is holding an exhibition in celebration of his contributions to art and entertainment.

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We’re giving a tribute to Harry Houdini, magician, escapologist, stunt performer, actor, and aviator, as we celebrate the day he was born (March 24, 1874) this week.

Houdini was known for his grandiose escape acts, narrowly slipping through the hands of death with his risky tricks and heart-stopping stunts. The Huffington Post recalls:

“His signature grand escapes included the Milk Can Escape, in which a handcuffed Houdini would seal himself into an over-sized, water-filled milk can and attempt to escape. Sometimes this milk can was within another milk can. Houdini escaped handcuffs, straightjackets and even being buried alive. The constraints most of us live by did not apply to him, being brave enough to challenge them.”

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MMoCA presents “Harry Houdini: Art and Magic” where you can see historical relics from Houdini’s illusions, diary entries, photographs, posters and silent films from Houdini’s height of celebrity, plus the work of artists such as Matthew Barney, Whitney Bedford and Vik Muniz are juxtaposed with the archival pieces, honoring Houdini’s legacy as a true performance artist.

Houdini: Art and Magic runs until May 13, 2012 at the museum’s main galleries. Organized by The Jewish Museum, New York, Houdini: Art and Magic is the first major art museum exhibition to examine Houdini’s life, legend, and enduring cultural influence.

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