We Will Welcome You to Japan!


Do you remember what happened last March 11, 2011 in Japan? Yes, we had a big earthquake and Tsunami. You must have watched the situation on TV. One year has passed since the incident. What do you think we should do as lomographers?

First, we the Japanese want to say to the world “Thank you so much for your great support!”. We were given plenty of donations, goods, and kind messages. The Taiwanese were especially great! We didn’t know that we had such strong relationships with other people in the world. The Japanese government shows their gratitude to different countries by writing on the newspapers. But we want to shout our gratitude to the whole world in here!

The day we had the earthquake, I felt a big shake in my hometown even 700km away. One year has passed. I went to Miyagi pref where they had big damages. Before visiting, I was going to take some photos at a stricken area. But I couldn’t do that. I felt that I should not take photos there because it was too sad for us to see. We’ve had many terrible photos and we don’t need to see sad photos anymore.

Some news say that recovery of the stricken areas are well on their way. Is it true? I cannot believe it. Our present stage is still under restoration. I heard a local government say that they need 3 years to start recovery at least. Do you understand what this means? The damages are so bad and we have many other problems to deal with before recovery starts. But we cannot give up. Some courageous people who suffered have already built temporary shopping malls and small shops already. They lost their original shops, goods, tools, and even their colleagues in the tsunami, but they didn’t lose their strong spirits!

After the disaster, some flights and trains were cancelled for the time being. But they are fine now. We are ready to welcome you anytime! We really hope you visit TOHOKU (north east area of Japan) because your visit will help us economically. The temporary shopping malls staff are very cheerful even if they have big problems. We should not make their efforts useless.

When I visited Matsushima (Miyagi pref) in one of the most beautiful locations in Japan and was also devastated by the tsunami, many Chinese tourists were there, too! I was glad to see them because even some of the Japanese are hesitant to visit the stricken area.

TOHOKU area has many amazing places, nice local foods & Japanese SAKE (alcohol). There are kind & courageous people, too! They are waiting for you!! We believe the best way for our recovery is by visiting the TOHOKU area. And we hope that you can feel our Japanese strong spirit despite the disaster. If it’s possible, please take photos of the fine and courageous people and then share your photos to the world. Please share this article on Facebook too. We, the Japanese, will never forget your great support!

We have many beautiful places, not only TOHOKU but also throughout the whole Japan! We Japanese will welcome you, and together we will shout: LOMO ON!!

written by gocchin on 2012-04-04 #lifestyle #travel #japanese #disaster #japan #tsunami


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    LOMO ON!!

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    Japan gogogo! ;)

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    Japan, always remember that you are awesome! ^_^

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    <3 Japan

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    thank you to everyone !!!

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