Brighten Up Your Day with the Diana Mini Camera Case Buttercup


This bright yellow camera case is the perfect companion for your Diana mini in any type of weather.

What a sunny camera case!

This lovely yellow shade always brightens up my day. When the weather is grey and sombre, the bright color works as a shining substitute to the sunlight. When it’s a beautiful sunny day, the case radiates happiness even more. If only all my cameras could look this stylish!

But it doesn’t just look good, it’s very functional as well. I tend to take my camera’s outside, even when it’s pouring with rain, or freezing cold. A wet camera sprouting with mouldy patches is always around the corner. I thought long and hard about how to prevent this. Wrap my camera in plastic? Tape the seams? Put it inside a condom? All are very water proof, but also very inconvenient. How would I work the controls? And wouldn’t it be a pain to change films if I had to peel off layers of tape and plactic first? Browsing the shop, the solution suddenly stared me in the eye: a camera case!

Oooh, lovely details!

Thanks to this sturdy leather case, my Diana Mini has survived many an expedition. Well, only one expedition, as I only got my camera a few weeks ago. But rest assured, many more will follow!

These pictures would not have been possible without the indispensible protection of the Diana Mini Buttercup Camera Case. I do believe they turned out even more golden because of the glowing camera case.

Credits: stratski

The Diana Mini Case is durable, lightweight, and it allows you to shoot conveniently without having to pull your camera out of the bag. Get one for your Diana Mini, because it needs a sturdy, protective, and practical carrying case when you’re out on your unpredictable shooting adventures.

written by stratski on 2012-03-29 #gear #review #yellow #buttercup #accessory #lomography #camera-case #protection #user-review #camera-accessory

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