Square Format Tips Using a Pinhole Camera

Here are some tips for shooting square format through a pinhole camera, made by myself. Read on to find out how!

When you have a pinhole camera that takes 120 film, you’ve got to shoot square. That was my thought when I built my own pinhole camera.

First things first. You have to compose your shots so you get the subject inside the square frame of your shot. Due to the fact that you don’t have a viewfinder, you have to do a lot of guessing and measurements. I guess I was lucky to do landscape and a little bit of macro and get my subjects in the square 6×6 of a medium film.

Guesstimate the composition, calculate the exposure time and then take the picture. I personally prefer square shots because they have that nice look when printed out and it’s nice to display on a gallery. That’s why you have to do the best and make the best of it, especially because you have only 12 shots on a 120 medium film.

My shots are not very straight because the camera was made from a paper box and it is way too big for the film to stay straight in it.

written by pvalyk on 2012-03-28 #gear #tutorials #film #pinhole #120 #square #tipster #medium #format

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