It's Springtime: Let's do a Lomo Picnic!

Winter is finally leaving more space for magnificent sunny days and here comes my first day of spring of the year!

Combine three friends, a warm sunny day, and many cameras, and what do you get? A magical day full of LomoLove. :)

I wasn’t expecting anything else. The winter lethargy was causing my cars to rust (even plastic ones) and even my imagination!

I haven’t been to the park in a long time. Right here a few months ago, we organized the first LomoMeeting, with all of Bari’s Lomographers! And here we are today to enjoy this beautiful sun, challenging our cameras after a long time, filling our eyes with all this green and doing a recharge of good mood!

Park June 2, in Bari, is an ideal place for those who want to relax, engage in some wellness activities, and have fun! It’s always full of people; there are children chasing balls, guys who play basketball, groups playing Twister or improvising ethnic music, family picnics, gymnastics, those who bring their dogs for a run, bowling, and some, in complete solitude, stare at the turtles in the pond! :)

It is the ideal place to enjoy good times with friends and have an excuse for a picnic. :)

In summary:

  • Ingredients for a Perfect Spring Day *:
    Hot sun, green meadow, clear sky, friends, sandwiches, and cameras!

I wish you a good Spring! :)

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