My Thoughts on Portrait Photography


Portraits are among us since the first painting was ever made, and everybody has a portrait photo in their wallet, whether just an ID photo or a snapshot of someone special. Read about my tips on taking portraits after the jump.

Taking a portrait of someone is something awesome, just because that person let you to do it. Don’t disappoint. Here are some guidelines I use when taking a portrait of someone.

1. Place your model to stay facing the light. There’s nothing more frustrating than a photo where your subject is darken by the light.

2. Guide your model to take a position, other then the standard one. If you don’t want to get a passport-look-a-like photo.

3. Set your cameras settings beforehand, unless you want your subject to get bored and leave.

4. Look for the best background. You don’t want to take a portrait shot and your viewers to be more interested in the building behind the subject.

5. Be creative. Be yourself.

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  1. mafiosa
    mafiosa ·

    Very lovely portraits.

  2. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    Nice article and nice portraits :D

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