LC-A 周 - 新版本以及优惠配件!

一起向这部具有标榜性的 Lomo LC-A+ 致敬!在这一周里,所有 LC-A 以及 LC-Wide配件 将享有 20% 的折扣!只需在结帐时输入代码 SPRINGACCESSORIZE

照片摘自: drame

这一周是我们的 LC-A 周!把你的 Lomo LC-A+ 相机拿出来,再配以 35mm 胶卷,把充满希望的春天给纪录下来吧!不管那是经典的 LC-A+LC-A+ Russian Lens 或是特别版 LC-A+ Russia Day 以及"LC-A+ Silver Lake": ,你都能够为它们加上 Lomo LC-A+ 配件 ,扩大它们的功能!这个星期,你将享有所有的 LC-A+ 以及 LC-Wide Accessories 的 20% 折扣!只需在结帐时输入代码 SPRINGACCESSORIZE



此为 网上商店 限定优惠

written by shhquiet on 2012-03-20 #news #lomo-lc-a-lomo-lc-wide-lc-a-lc-wide
translated by lihooi


Bringing an iconic aesthetic to square format instant photography, the Diana Instant Square fills frames with strong, saturated colors and rich, moody vignetting. Built to let your inspiration run wild, our latest innovation features a Multiple Exposure Mode, a Bulb Mode for long exposures, a hot shoe adapter and so much more! It’s even compatible with all of the lenses created for the Diana F+ so that you can shake up your perspective anytime, anywhere. No two shots will ever be the same. Back us on Kickstarter now!

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