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At Lomography Gallery Store Manchester Want to know what workshops you can expect from the Lomo-Mancs in April? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’re offering a bevy of them for budding to big league Lomographers alike so sign up now!

photo by ftwentytwo

Sunday 1st April, 12pm-4pm
The Teenage Market at Market Hall Stockport

Our friends at The Teenage Market are putting on a day at Stockport Market hall aimed at giving youngsters the chance to promote their own creativity as well as getting involved with others and theirs.

In that vein, it seems only right that Lomography Gallery Store Manchester should be there to introduce everyone to the wonderfully creative world of Lomography!

We will be splitting the day into two sections, first of all at 12.15pm we’ll be doing “An Introduction to Lomography” which will be a free for all and anyone can listen in to find out what the hell Lomography is.

Secondly, at 12.40 we’ll be doing a workshop on our wide-angle beauty, La Sardina. We’ll give a group of you an introduction to the camera, filled with a roll of film for you to shoot, shoot, shoot! There will be lots of visual stimulation on the day, including the gorgeous market hall itself.

The whole day is cheap, with entry to the market only £1 each.

The cost of the workshop will be £5, including everything; lending of the camera, roll of film and the processing. This is a one off price so be sure to book quick! We can take payment over the phone or in store in advance, or by cash on the day. Please note that spaces are limited so book early to avoid disappointment.

photo by dfunkdamager

Good Friday, 6th April, 12:30pm
Duck, Duck, Duck…Goose?

The Manchester Duck Race is taking place down in Spinningfields and we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to shoot some wonderful Lomographs!

So, we’ll kick off with a presentation in store on the Sprocket Rocket before heading down to the race fueled with a roll of film to shoot. We’ll also get a duck each to see who’s duck is the fastest!

Tickets are £15 and include a short presentation, lend-a-camera filled with a roll of film and a 10% discount on processing!

photo by juanix

Saturday 7th April, 2pm
The Hunt Is On

What more fun to be had at Easter than a scavenger hunt?

How will it work?

We’ll give you an introduction to the Diana F+ and how best to use it with the instant back, We’ll then give you a heap of clues of things that you should go out and shoot. First person or team back to store wins a special prize!

Tickets are £15 and include a short presentation, lend-a-camera and instant back filled with film!

Saturday 14th April
Time To Run Away With The Circus

That’s right, we’ve teamed up with The Circus House Manchester to give you a circus themed workshop! We’ll be starting off in store with a presentation on the ActionSampler Flash the perfect camera to capture the craziness of the circus!

We’ll then take the short walk over to the Circus House (it’s only round the corner) where they will give us a tight rope walking workshop! You can snap away all you want while you’re learning this life changing skill!

Tickets are £15 and include a short presentation, lend-a-camera with a roll of film, the circus workshop and a 10% discount on processing to boot!

This super fun workshop is likely to book up fast, so pop into store or give us a call to secure your place!

photo by vicuna

Sunday 15th April, 2pm
Happy Birthday Charlie Chaplin

That’s right, what better way to celebrate one of the kings of silent movies than with a LomoKino workshop?

We’ll give you a presentation on how to use this 35mm movie maker, fill it up with a load of film before letting you loose to shoot your own silent movie! (Slapstick optional, but if you make us laugh, you get a gold star!)

Tickets are £15 and includes a lend-a-kino filled with a roll of film, a short presentation on how to use it and a 10% discount on your processing after!

photo by adam_g2000

Saturday 21st April, 2pm
The Patron Saint Of Lomography

After the success of St Patrick’s Day we couldn’t let St George’s Day at Lomography Gallery Store Manchester pass by without any sort of recognition. So we decided we should celebrate in style with the Patron Saint of Lomography, the LC-A+!

We’ll give you an introduction to the LC-A+ and how it kick started the Lomography revolution, before letting you take it to the streets to shoot a whole roll of film!

Tickets are £15 and include a presentation, a roll of film and 10% off processing.

photo by 007-0815-styler

Sunday April 22nd, 2pm
Protest At The People’s History Museum

So when the People’s History Museum told us that they were planning to run a competition for young photographers, we knew that it was something we had to get involved with! Obviously, Lomography had to add the added element of all competition entries being shot on film, so we’ve put together a series of workshops so that contestants (and anyone else) can get to grips with shooting on film as well as maybe even taking the winning the shot!

For our first workshop in this series, we will be kicking off with an introduction to the wide angled beauty La Sardina. We’ll tell you everything you need to know to successfully shoot a roll of film, before we head down to check out the collections at the People’s History Museum for some inspiration!

Tickets cost £15 and include a lend-a-camera, a roll of film, entry to the museum and 10% off processing after!

photo by nic0

Saturday 28th April, 2pm
Vive La Revolution!

For our second workshop as part of our collaboration with the People’s History Museum, we’re giving another opportunity to take that winning shot for their young photographer’s competition. Anyone under 25 can enter, and the theme is “Protest”. As Lomography Gallery Store Manchester are going to be on the judging panel, it’s only right that all entries have to be shot on film!

So, for those that don’t have their own film camera, and for anyone else who wants to have a go, we’re holding a Diana F+ workshop. We’ll meet in store and give an introduction to the camera and how to achieve the best results. We’ll then get crafty. Got something to say? Write it on a placard! We’ll then hit the streets with them, and who knows, the winning shot might be taken!

For further details on the competition and terms and conditions, please see the People’s History Museum website.

Tickets are £15 and include a presentation, a roll of film, craft supplies and 10% off processing!

photo by kleeblatt

Sunday April 29th, 2pm
Through The Eye Of A Needle

Ever wondered what that ‘P’ setting on your Diana F+ is for? Well it stands for Pinhole! And what better day to get to grips with it than World Pinhole Photography Day?

So for the day, we’ll be taking off the lenses, flicking the aperture setting round to “P” and taking some gorgeous Pinhole photos!

We’ll give you an introduction to the Diana F+ as well as all the best tips you need for successfully shooting on the pinhole mode. Loaded with a roll of film, we’ll take to the streets to get to grips with Pinhole photography. Take comfort in the knowledge that everyone around the world that’s interested in analogue photography will be doing the same thing!

Tickets are £15 and include a lend-a-camera filled with a roll of film, a presentation and 10% off processing

Just pop into store or give us a call to book over the phone.

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