1919 Piccolette Contessa-Nettel + 2008 Canon 5D Mark II = Best of Both Worlds


What do you get when you hack a 93-year-old folding camera lens onto a high-end pro digital SLR? Amazing photos, that’s what! Check out this super cool digital-analog hybrid project by director Jason Bognacki and the mind-blowing results!

Bognacki’s vintage Piccolette Contessa-Nettel folding camera from 1919 was just sitting around in his collection when, one day, he decided to hook it up to the modern Canon 5D Mark II as an experiment.

Photo via todaystomorrow

Et voila! Take a look at the photos and you would’ve never guessed the lens was nearly a hundred years old!

Photo via todaystomorrow

He notes his shooting specifications:

“Zeiss Ikon 7.5cm f6.3 (wide open)
This lens is almost 100 years old and look how sharp it is…this blows my mind.”

Photo via todaystomorrow

The Piccolette uses 127 film which can still be bought at specialized photo shops but where’s the fun in doing the conventional? Bognacki tells Digital Trends, “I am a self confessed glass-a-holic. I have been collecting and seeking out vintage, obscure, and trash lenses for a while now. I guess I’ve treated it as an optical education of sorts.”

“I think apps like Instagram are great fun, but to a lens nerd like myself there is something missing to them. There truly is a ‘ghost in the machine’ in vintage optics,” Bognacki adds. “It is truly a magical thing to hold something so old in your hand and see it come back to life and produce images again.”

Photo via todaystomorrow

Bognacki also quickly explains how he hacked the old camera onto the new. “M42-EOS mount + M42 Extension Tube + Hot Glue = The 5D View Camera. No lenses or cameras were injured in the process. The process is reversible,” he quips.

I can’t get over how interesting and impressive this digital-analog hybrid is. Have you tried any similar project yourselves?

Read the original blog post here. Find out more about Jason Bognacki at bognacki.com.

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  1. fabc68
    fabc68 ·

    Slightly OT, but a nice 127 mm film + camera would make an interesting addition to the Lomo Store.
    Back OT: amazing sharpness in the dog's pics, it looks like this hybrid behaves best with subdued light. Well, it's mostly digital, but an interesting experiment nonetheless.

  2. detroitlomo
    detroitlomo ·

    My friend took a Penmax (Promo camera with glass lens) and made it so he can hold the shutter open for as long as he wants and he popped the original lens out and attached a Zenit 50mm SLR lens to the front of it. And he also made it so he can take the frame mask out for sprocket hole photos

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