Mad Men Party Singapore x Qing Hua Diana F+ Negatives

Photographer Rupert England recently blogged about the photos he took at the Mad Men Party in Singapore from way back in 2010, using his limited edition Qing Hua Diana F+. Read more to see why he prefers the images in reverse.

As England wrote on his scrapbook blog:

Photos via rupert-england

“These are scans of the original medium format film negatives taken with my Dorophy Tang designed toy camera. I prefer the negatives to the prints as the reverse of the colours accentuates the dress-up clothing worn at the party. The vignette and the blur around the edges of the photograph is created by the plastic lens. Simply invert in Photoshop to see what prints look like.”

While the Qing Hua edition has long sold out, there are many other equally cute and quirky Diana F+ designs and clones to choose from! Check out all the Diana cameras waiting for you at our shop!

England has several cameras that he currently works with. According to his profile:

"Over the past two decades, England has honed his skills on cameras ranging from an entry level Canon 35mm SLR to the ground-breaking 5D. His collection of cameras includes old-school Russian cult classics like the *Lomo LC-A+* and *Horizon Kompakt Panoramic*, vintage medium format cameras like the Agfa Isolette and the tiny Japanese point-and-shoot Harinezumi digital camera. These days, like most photographers, England works with a combination of digital and analogue cameras. “Every camera has its special qualities and its special occasion. I enjoy shooting on my Olympus EP2 as much as the plastic-fantastic *Diana F+* as much as on my iPhone4. The trick is to keep shooting, don’t get caught-up in the technical stuff!”

We love artists like England who, despite digital gratification, still believe in an analogue future! Find out more about the artist here.

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