Everyday is April’s Fools Day @ Lomography Gallery Store Singapore


Check out all the frivolous, foolish, and most of all, FUN workshops we have in store for you this April! Come by the Lomography Gallery Store Singapore on these dates and take part in our fantabulous activities!

Credits: youthlessss

Naughty Doubles in La Sardina Workshop
Sun, 1st Apr 12 @ 3-5pm – $10
Ahoy there! Don’t be fooled by this Sardine-Can lookalike camera! This simple camera will allow you to do great multiple exposures with a click of a button. Why don’t we put on our little horns and play a prank while we’re at it? Take a photo of something cheeky and overlay that with a shot of an unsuspecting stranger ;-)

Credits: hakimbo05

“POW WOW” Comic Panoramic Workshop
Sun, 8th Apr 12 @ 3-5pm – $10
Always wanted to be a comic artist but never had the patience? Here’s a workshop that allows you to be one faster than you can say “WHAM!” Write your own speech bubbles and create a strip of fantasy, all this while learning to shoot with the Sprocket Rocket in 2 hours flat! All Lomography cameras are welcomed for this workshop too.

Credits: lakandula

Can you recognize Ms. Diana?
Sun, 15th Apr 12 @ 3-5pm – $15
Lets inject more humour this April! Join us as we paint our faces (literally!) and paint this town red while capturing all this silliness on our Diana F+ with the magic of X-PRO film. Now’s the chance to let loose, pose fiercely and not feel out of place for one second! Leave your inhibitions at the door and toss the stress of the week out of the window for this one.

Credits: angelhaken

“Fools Rush In” LomoKino Movie Making Workshop
Sun, 22nd Apr 12 @ 2-5pm – $10
Go back to the origins of silent film and channel some Charlie Chaplin into your LomoKino films. Try your hand at mime, slapstick and visual comedy! This will be a totally different perspective of movie making as we attempt to translate humour without the trappings of dialogue. A script will be provided, so don’t fret!

Credits: bccbarbosa

“Life’s a Pinhole!” Diana F+ Workshop
Sun, 29th Apr 12 @ 2-5pm – $10
Come what May? Let’s stretch the last bit of April while we still can! Extend the possibilities of your Diana F+ in this Intermediate workshop and learn to create that great pinhole images you’ve all been dreaming of! Because its WORLD PINHOLE DAY on the 29th April, and we couldn’t do anything else but Pinhole right?

Please RSVP for workshops as space are extremely limited.
Email your name, contact and the workshop title to shopsingapore@lomography.com

*All workshops include a loaner camera and a roll of film. Bring your own camera to use during the workshops and get 50% off the admission fee. All attendees will receive a 10% off coupon to use at the Lomography Gallery Store Singapore. Please arrive 10 minutes before the workshop is scheduled to begin in order for us to start on time!

Monday – Sunday: 12pm – 9pm I tel. +65 6223 8850
shopsingapore@lomography.com I www.lomography.sg I fb.com/LomographyGalleryStore.SG

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