Fuji Provia 100F Meets Xpro: Overwhelmingly Green with Red and Blue Spots


Mix a roll of Fuji Provia 100F daylight color reversal 35mm film with cross processing and call your dish greenscale film! That’s what I got when I tried it out — a torrent of green!

Last October, I was doing an Interrail travel through Central and Southeastern Europe. When I was staying in this beautiful city of Budapest for a few days, I had to realize that I would spendt all the rolls of Agfa CT I had brought, before leaving. So, I was worrying about where to get a good color reversal film. Luckily, I discovered a photo shop at Rákóczi road right next to my hostel. Polite people there sold me my first ever roll of Fuji Provia 100F. This roll was supposed to be filled with memories of the next stop: Vienna.

Back home, I ordered this film to be cross processed in the Lomo Lab. Here is what I got. It seems that almost all colors nature has to offer map to a scale of saturated and bright green hues. These greenscale hues vary from yellowish ones, to pure greens, to bluish ones.

Credits: andyresag

When cross-processing this film, only powerful red and bluish hues aren’t turned into greens, though these colors get slighty shifted as well.

Credits: andyresag

This fim features a very fine grain. You can get very sharp and crisp images…

Credits: andyresag

…and also very nice blurry ones!

Credits: andyresag

Being ISO 100 actually means it’s a film for daylight shooting, but with a powerful lens you can use this film at dusk and poor light conditons without a tripod or flash anyway.

Credits: andyresag

But these long exposures were shot using a tripod.

Credits: andyresag

I like the overall quality of the film. It has very fine to not visible grain and offers a very nice contrast.I think the overall image quality is much better compared with Agfa CT Precisa.

The price — it’s not one of those cheaper films available.

The color shift is a matter of taste, but I’d use this film only on special occasions again. I don’t like that much green all the time. But that’s up to everyone and doesn’t diminish the very high quality of this film.

Fuji Provia 100F 35mm is just the thing when you don’t want to be slapped around the face with saturation but equally don’t fancy understatement in your images. Provia is strong and saturated, but never overdone – even when cross processed. See the whole range of colour slides in our Shop.

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  1. stevebarberoffice
    stevebarberoffice ·

    i have found when cross-processing some kodak films that high light exposure produces green, but if you undershoot (i.e. shoot 100 film at 200 or 400) you get more blues. Wonder if that's true of this film?

  2. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    great shots!

  3. gregoriobruning
    gregoriobruning ·

    In fact, it can be all green with fuji provia 100 cross processed. I don´t know what camera you have used, but when i shooted with this film in my Zenit ET i got very good colors - only if i got the right exposure. A half-stop underexposure is enough to turn all green. See this albun for example:
    Good review! Congrats!

  4. andyresag
    andyresag ·

    @gregoriobruning Thanx for your comment. Camera was PRAKTICA BX20 with a Carl Zeiss Jena Prakticar 1.4 / 50mm multi coated lens www.fine-used-camera.com/5963.jpg . This lens soaks everthing in a very slightly yelloish hue caused by its multi coating, I think. that's maybe one reason why I got these powerful greens here, but could be underexposure too - so next time using this film I'll add a half-stop on what the lightmeter suggests. Your Album is great. :-)

  5. gregoriobruning
    gregoriobruning ·

    @andyresag I used two rolls of fuji provia. The first one was that you saw. The second one i shot in low light conditions and everything turn into green, just like your roll. That´s why i presume that perhaps this film needs a little more light when cross processed. But i do not have certain! I have just finished one more roll of fuji provia. Let´s see what is coming! It appears to be a good choice in sunny days and perhaps a half-stop higher exposure solves the problem. I´m yet investigating!

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