A Lomographic Carnival


We attend different parties each month. In December: Christmas parties, in January: New Year’s parties, and on February: the Carnival!

Credits: atria007, robter & elenagm

Colors, fun, madness… Who has not ever used a hat, glasses and a mask to make a lomographic photo? We all have done it! Carnival was coming and we had to prepare this year’s fancy dress. If we dress up as a camera, which camera would we choose? The Lubitel! Hands to work!

You’ll need:

  • Black Fabric of 1.5 × 1m for the body camera. It has to be a special fabric for example, like that one which is bright and fluffy, widely used for costumes
  • White Fabric of 1.5 × 0.5m for the details
  • Velcro
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil, paper and a ruler to make the pattern

Step 1: We made a Lubitel image in life-size using a ruler and 4 double-paper joined together.

Step 2: We cut out paper templates of letters, lenses, and the details that go on the white cloth. Then we cut the pieces out.

Step 3: We pasted the details on the body of the costume and finally closed it with velcro on the shoulders and side.

We now have our carnival costume!

Credits: sye & atria007

written by sye on 2012-04-16 #gear #tutorials #carnival #camera #lubitel #hand #made #tipster #handmade
translated by carlosbull

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