Funky Fuji Sensia 100 Gallery


If you’re looking for a slide film that delivers cross-processed surprises with every roll, go grab a roll of Fuji Sensia and go wild with funky and outrageous colors!

Most slide films when cross-processed give trademark effects that we grow to love and crave, especially when we have a particular shot in mind. Fuji Sensia 100 however, delivers a whole new ballgame. This “non-professional” slide packs a punch in terms of saturation, color and contrast. Most users would get a heavy magenta cast when it is X-Pro’d but sometimes, you’ll get surprising shades of contrasty greens and screaming yellows! Is it because the films are past-dated or due to the processing? Whatever it may be, it sure is a welcome surprise!

Here is a small selection of Sensia images from our Photos page. Browse through the different galleries and see where your fingers and eyes take you! If you’re craving for film like I am, visit the film shop for everything emulsion!

written by cruzron on 2009-07-22 #news #slide #sensia #photos #selection


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  1. patatero
    patatero ·

    ingenious sensia selection

  2. dogma
    dogma ·

    Wow! Super beautiful!

  3. eyecon
    eyecon ·

    The colors in # 2 are amazing!

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