Walking around Paris and finding Fred Le Chevalier

Walking around in Paris you can find out a lot of “art”. This was my third time in Paris, but my first with my Lomo cameras. I took a lot of pictures not only of monuments. I was intrigued by the colors of shops, the walls, the metro, the exhibitions.

I had my Diana F+ and my Sprocket Rocket that helped me get back great memories of this trip. The buildings, the shops, the walls, all these things can surprise you with their stunning detail.

In one of the promenades, I found out about the works of art of Fred le Chevalier.

Fred le Chevalier is quite well-known and well-loved street artist in Paris who has been drawing and illustrating for six years and doing paste-ups in black and white and sometimes a bit of red and yellow for the past two years. You can see his work in these pictures, on his own homepage and of course, on Parisian walls!

What I like the most are the sentence in each piece of his art like the following:

Very romantic, isn’t it? So, take your camera and walk around to find out more about the art around you!

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