Diana+ 38mm Super Wide Angle Lens: The Perfect Companion for the 35mm Back


I guess everybody who owns a Diana+ 35mm Back knows the problem: What you see in the viewfinder does not correspond to what you get on the photo. Read on to find out how to solve the problem!

When using the Diana 35mm Back+ for the first time, you might be a little disappointed with your results because what you see in the viewfinder does not correspond at all to what you get on the actual photo. This is because the Diana F+ was made for medium format film, where the negatives are almost twice as big as on 35mm film. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to this dilemma: Use the Diana+ 38mm Super Wide Angle Lens!

With the super wide angle lens, you can lean back and relax. In my experience, what you get on your 35mm film corresponds fairly well to what you see in the viewfinder (I always use the 33×48 mm mask so that the sprocket holes are exposed as well). Thus, when using the 35mm back, I never use the normal 75mm lens anymore, with which you only get a fraction of what you see on your film.

Photos by ululchen

Of course, you can also use the super wide angle lens with the normal Diana back, and you will get crispy and sharp super wide angled results.

Photos by ululchen

The classic super-wide perspective is a favourite of street photographers and photojournalists the world over. Make your images scream with detail and get the distinct Diana+ look of vignetting and dreaminess with the Diana+ 38mm Super-Wide Angle Lens! Don’t wait – get your own Diana+ lenses in our Shop now.

You can finally use 35mm film with your Diana F+ camera with the "Diana+ 35mm Back:http://shop.lomography.com/diana-35mm-back! This unique accessory allows you to shoot ALL types of 35mm film, and you can have four different image formats, including panoramas and sprockets! Get your own Diana+ 35mm Back now.

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  1. adam_g2000
    adam_g2000 ·

    brilliant, brilliant, brilliant discovery and advice. My 35mm back has only been used twice, disappointingly! I'll make sure to grab one of these lenses!

  2. feng
    feng ·

    Perfect - I always get that problem!

  3. terjoy
    terjoy ·

    Hey I have a question, when you are using wide angle lens and 35mm back on Diana F+, are you looking through the original viewfinder of the camera, or the "Universal Viewfinder" come with the wide angle lens?

  4. ululchen
    ululchen ·

    @Terjoy: I think the original viewfinder of the camera is more accurate in that case.

  5. terjoy
    terjoy ·

    Yeah I used the original viewfinder to shoot today, it's working great! Thank~

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