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Plaosan Temple is one of the Hindu-Buddha temples located in Bugisan Village, which is east of Yogyakarta City and about 1 kilometer northeast of Prambanan Temple. Plaosan Temple was built in the mid 9th century by Sri Kahulunnan or Pramodhawardhani, the daughter of Samaratungga, a descendant of the Sailendra Dynasty, and who was married to Rakai Pikatan in the Hindu tradition.

Two weeks ago, my friends and I visited and hunted for photos of many temples in Yogyakarta. We got bored while visiting Prambanan Temple, so I asked my friends “Hey, what if we take a look at another temple around here?”

After visiting Prambanan Temple, you should not rush to your hotel, because just nearby is a beautiful Hindu temple, plus other interesting temples. Moving 1 kilometer northwards, you will find Plaosan Temple; a temple constructed by Rakai Pikatan for his wife, Pramudyawardani. The architect of the temple that is from Bugisan Village in Prambanan’s sub-district, which is a combination of Hindu and Buddha.

Plaosan Lor complex
Plaosan Kidul complex

In this temple complex, you can found many reliefs from the Hindu-Buddha architect.

One of the Hindu reliefs in Plaosan Lor complex
At every gate there is a KALA HEAD, it is a symbol of the guardian.
When we walked to the north of the temple, we also found an altar. There are five statues of Hindu gods/idols placed there.
There are eight small temples in Plaosan Lor complex.

We can learn about the history of the Hindu-Buddha combination architect here in Plaosan Complex. Have a nice holiday :)

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