Making the Beeblebrox, a Two-Faced Pinhole Camera


Sick of having to decide between colour and redscale pictures? You’re worries are over! You can double expose redscale and colour shots thanks to the Beeblebrox! Just follow this step-by-step guide to creating your own Beeblebrox Pinhole Camera and you won’t be sorry.

Credits: roonandbeks

To create your very own Beeblebrox you will need:

1. An cookie box
2. Film boxes
4. A craft knife
5. A drinks can
6. A black marker pen
7. Scissors
8. Black electrical tape
9. A new roll of film
10. An empty roll of film with a little bit of film still sticking out
11. A pin
12. Stick tape

First, cut the cookie box open and lay it flat, then cut it in half. Don’t throw the other half away as you will need the cardboard later in the project. Use your film to measure the the right height on the cardboard and draw rectangles. Cut them out with the craft knife. The windows only need to be this size so it’s easy to work inside the camera and seal gaps.

Next, we need to make the film guide and mask for the middle of the camera. Use the other half of the cookie box for this and measure the right size with your roll of film. I chose to include the sprocket holes and make it slightly wider than a conventional camera but you can mask it how you like. I also chose a star shape for the redscale side but any shape would work just as well.

Next, you need to colour the inside black. This cuts down on reflections and helps keep the camera light tight.

Now, we need to bring the 2 parts together. Stick the film guide to the middle of the body with the electrical tape. Then make the body a cube again and seal it with the the tape. It’s a good idea to seal the gap at the top and bottom of the film guide completely so light doesn’t leak in when your using the opposite side.

Now, seal the the ends of the camera. Use more bits of the cookie box for this and cut them to the same size and shape as the open ends of the camera. Use film to measure the right heights and cut a slit so the film will fit through. Colour the insides black again to cut down on reflections. Then tape them into place, sealing all the gaps with the black tape. You can also use the tape to soften the edges of the slits so the film doesn’t get scratched when it’s being wound on.

The pin hole is next. Cut the drinks can open and lay it flat then cut sections large enough to cover the gaps in the sides of the body. Use the pin to slowly drill a hole in the center of these pieces. Don’t push to hard or it will go straight through, instead you should twist it back and forth to make the hole slowly. Then, colour it black to cut down on reflections and tape it into place.

Next is the shutter. Cut rectangle frames and tape them to the sides of the camera, make sure you leave the top untaped so the shutter can slide in. Then cut the film boxes to size, colour them black, and slide them in.

Finally, you need to load the film. Feed the new film in through the slit in one side and pull it out the other side. Remember that the matte side of the film is for colour and the glossy side is for redscale. Then, attach the empty film canister with sticky tape and wind the film into it so both are tight against the camera body. Then use lots of black tape to attach them to the sides and make the rest of the camera light tight.

You’re done! I used my Dymo to label the original Beeblebrox so I wouldn’t forget which side was which and I use an old key to wind the film on. How much winding is needed depends on how large your frame is, so it might take some experimenting. To take a shot simply lift the shutter for a second or two and keep the camera still. How long each exposure needs to be obviously depends the lighting and what speed film you use. It’s all about the experiment!

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  1. weleasewoger72
    weleasewoger72 ·

    I will try this. Nice one!

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    so cool!!!

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  5. roxanneross
    roxanneross ·

    what a great idea! (hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy?)

  6. roonandbeks
    roonandbeks ·

    Hitchhikers guid indeed! I called it the beeblebrox because it has 2 faces.

  7. roxanneross
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    @roonandbeks i only saw your answer now but yeah i got it ;) awesome book!

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