Monastery and Church of Pažaislis


Near the city Kaunas at the coast of sea there is very impresing location – monastery and church of Pažaislis

It is very unique and magnificent example of Italian baroque architecture, build around XVII–XVIII age. Many thing has happened Napoleons army, world wars and lot of others mischief, but that piece of beauty remained almost untouched till now days. At the moment there is still active monastery and church, but that is not all. Every years starting from 1996 monastery is home of the annual international Pažaislis Music Festival.

During three summer months festival offers lot of various concerts – from opera to jazz, from symphonies to opuses – played by musicians from various countries. So if you love good music and would like to see magnificent place, grab your cams and travel to Pažaislis. Oh Just one more thing, you can shoot the outside of buildings as much as you want, but shooting inside is strictly taboo!!!

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