CopyCat Nat #4: hodachrome


For the next painting in my series, I’ve chosen a personal favorite by @hodachrome to transform into painted form! Read more about it after the break!

Credits: hodachrome

Spring break finally came around and gave me some time to do my next painting. With the thought it mind for myself to try new art mediums, I decided that I would paint oil on glossy photo paper. The moisture of the last oil painting I did of jeabzz photo was absorbed into the paper, giving it a chalky look. I didn’t have time to buy gesso so I settled with a non absorbent paper.

I sat down in front of the computer screen and pulled up hodachrome dolphin photos. I had such a hard time choosing because he has so many stunning photos! In the end I chose the more simpler photo with only three subjects: the swimming dolphin, the child, and the brother(?).

My goal for this particular painting wasn’t detail or precision, it was more so getting used to the new “canvass” and bringing in more texture. I turned up the music on the computer and began with the background. Smooth, blue, water. Beginning with the vignetted edges, I made my way around the paper with the brush. Turning the paper bit by bit, I swept the paint towards the center, lightening the pressure to make sure the middle of the painting would be the brightest.

With the water finished, I took a smaller brush to the older boy. However, the paint wasn’t cooperating; it had decided that it wanted to move around the paper instead of making a nice layer for the silhouette. So I ended up using more paint, which helped a little. At this point, the texture of the boy wasn’t as smooth as the background, but I just figured that it might look nice anyway. So I finished it up the body and painted what looked like the arms and what looked like a camera in his hands.

Next, the little boy. The head, body and arms were a piece of cake, similar to the older boys, but smaller. The fingers, on the other hand, were my nemesis. Even the tiniest brush I had was too big, but I made the attempt anyway. I wasn’t very happy with the result but I decided it would have to do.

Last, but definitely not the least, the dolphin. Starting with the belly, I slid the white paint over the water and began adding different shades of blue. I knew that it would be hard to get the same, smooth blend as the background so I chose to simply, ah, “texturize” if you will, the dolphin. I added more shades of blue and added fins. Finally finished, I put it off to the side to dry.

Paintings and words by Natalie Fong. Originally from Taipei, Taiwan. Natalie now lives in Honolulu, Hawaii. Read more of the CopyCat Nat series.

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    Here's the painting in case anyone wants to give it some love!…

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