My First Lomographic Love

My first Lomography camera is my beloved Fisheye No. 2 White Edition. It started off my Lomography journey and brought me to where I am now. Yes, I don’t deny my love for other Lomography cameras such as the Sprocket Rocket, La Sardina and so on. But, my fondest memories of my first love lies with the Fisheye No. 2.

Being a Shop representative in the Lomography Gallery Store Singapore, “Why do you love Lomography?” and “What is your first camera?” are just one of the few common questions asked by my customers. I adore answering these questions as it never fails to trigger my fondest and greatest ‘uniquely-lomography’ memories.

It started long long ago, (alright, or maybe just 5 years ago, haha!) in the eastern part of Singapore. A beautiful young lady (yes, that’s me!) received a Fisheye No. 2 White Edition for her sweet 17 birthday. Totally ignorant and clueless of Lomography, I was thrilled and yet confused upon receiving my new baby. The adorable Fisheye viewer and the purity of her white body excited me and I can’t wait to lay my hands on her.

I loaded up my first roll of film and started snapping everything and anything around me, and of course, my poor friends definitely can’t get away with it. They ended up as my favorite models, my shooting motivation!

I enjoyed looking at the photos I snapped of my friends. I was absolutely drawn to the beauty of analogue photography. The anticipation, colors, ability to unleash my creative side, funkiness were some of the reasons why I could not pull myself from analogue photography. I love how photography seems to have no boundaries now, how everything seems possible and how vibrant the world became. I can inject life even into the simplest things on earth.

From then on, there had never been a day I went out without my analogue camera. I began to see the world from a different perspective (from the waist, from the ankle and from the hip)! I started building up my army of analogue cameras, of course it would not be possible without the help of my awesome peers!

Looking back, it all started with the Fisheye No. 2 which kept me addicted to the charming Lomographic world. I am thankful for my friend who got me the Fisheye No 2 camera which had served me well for the last 5 years. With the addition cameras to the family, I have to say I am unable to give my first love the undivided attention she used to receive. However, my first love will always be my first love. The first love that brought me to a new world and gave me a new 170 degree view in life.

The world’s greatest compact Fisheye camera is back in white! The Fisheye No. 2 White has a 170-degree wide-angle view, bulb setting for multiple exposures, and a hotshoe. See all the Fisheye No. 2 colours and designs here!

written by rayna on 2012-04-03 #lifestyle #fisheye-singapore-first-love-memories-first-camera-friends-wide-angle

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