Magazine Update: Lomography News Section Submission Guidelines


News is the Magazine section where you can find current information and coverage of all things related to analogue photography, as well as important updates from Lomography. Learn more about the newest analogue products, read about projects from the community and analogue enthusiasts the world over, watch videos, and stay in the know. Read our News submission guidelines.

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Take note of what we look at before we publish a News piece so that your efforts are rewarded and not thwarted! We want to encourage personal freedom but also point out that there are several things to remember, such as journalistic ethics.

Before submitting work for the News section, make sure that the content of your story is, first and foremost, new. There must be a timely aspect to your submission (if not, there might be a more appropriate section to submit to like Analogue Lifestyle). Next, facts must be based on information, not opinion or narrative. For this reason, please cite as many resources as possible to support your text.

A News entry should give the reader insight into a current trend, happening or event that is ongoing in the world of analogue photography or as covered with an analogue point of view. We want to explore and expose the many ways in which analogue photography is growing, happening, and in the now. In other words we are bringing the news front and center that “The Future is Analogue!"

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Filling Out the News Submission Form


  1. Must suggest the main topic of your piece.
  2. Must be specific and catchy.
  3. Example:

LGS Istanbul
Istanbul Store Almost Ready
Lomography Gallery Store Istanbul Is Almost Ready!


  1. Must include at least 5 relevant keywords and related interests for others to find your story easily.
  2. May include specific cameras, film types, or techniques used.
  3. Must be in lowercase and separated by commas.
  4. Example:

lomography gallery store, istanbul, turkey, events, grand opening, april 1, istanbul mall, shop


  1. Must answer the basic who, what, where, when, and why questions, i.e. If readers can only read the lead, all pertinent info must be found here.
  2. Must have 40 words maximum or 2-3 sentences in the lead.


  1. Must have 100 to 300 words.
  2. Must have at least 5 photos and 1 header photo which will serve as your article’s cover photo or thumbnail. (Please see how to embed a photo below). All photos should be at least 576px in width.
  3. Must be well edited, clear, and concise. Try to keep your writing structured, interesting, and informative. Please observe the basics of capitalizations, grammar, and punctuations – but don’t fret, the Magazine Editors will do their best to make your article more reader-friendly.
  4. Try to wrap up your text by being conclusive and giving the reader something to take away. You may wish to close your piece with a thought provoking question or encourage debate in the comments section.

Pointers for Writing News:

  1. No need for a personal introduction from the writer. Focus on the subject of the piece you are writing. If your coverage of a story includes an interview, please give a brief third person introduction about the interviewee. If it is a product or event on the other hand, some background or context should be provided.
  2. Make sure your piece is on a “newsworthy” issue, event or topic. If not obvious, specify why this is relevant to publish.
  3. Using information not penned or created by you is plagiarism. Yikes! Properly reference sources when you are using information provided by another person or publication.
  4. Also, mention any cameras you are using and refer to items with the correct full names. If borrowing photos by others or from outside sites, do not forget to credit the source.

*Submit your News Story here.*

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Formatting Your News Submission

Basic Codes:

  1. For bold, put text between asterixes like *this text that will appear in bold*, which will result in this text that will appear in bold.
  2. For italics, use underscores like _this italic text_, which will result in this italic text.
  3. For bullets (such as in this article), just put an asterisk and a space before each line of text.


  1. Uploading photos: You can use the submission form’s Assets tool to upload your photos. Just click the “Browse & Upload” button to select the photos you want to use for your article.
  2. Embedding a photo: Use [Photo:photo-ID-number-at-the-end-of-URL] to embed a photo from your LomoHome, or [Asset:asset-number-of-photo-uploaded] to embed a photo that you uploaded via Submission Form. When using two or more photos in the segments of your article, they should be embedded as galleries.
  3. Embedding a gallery: Use [Photos:photo-ID-numbers-at-the-end-of-URLs] to embed photos from your LomoHome, or [Assets:asset-numbers-of-photos-uploaded] to embed photos that you uploaded via Submission Form.
  4. Adding captions: To place captions or subtitles under your photos or galleries, simply add the text in the very next line of the photo code. Whenever you’re using photos from other websites, make sure to include a link to the sources of these photos. (Please see how to create links below.)


  1. If you want to embed a video from your LomoHome, here is the code you should use: [Movie:number-of-video]
  2. If you want to embed a video from your LomoHome, here is the code you should use: [Movie:URL-of-the-video-from-YouTube-or-Vimeo]


  1. To include a link in your article, simply put “quotation marks” before and after the word, phrase, or sentence you would like to link, followed by a colon and the URL you would like to use.
  2. Example:



  1. Whenever you use information from other websites to help you write your Analogue Lifestyle pieces, it is necessary to cite them as your references at the end of your article.
  2. Example:

_All information for this article were taken from "Website A":http://www.insertwebsiteAhere, "Website B":http://www.insertwebsiteBhere, "Website C":http://www.insertwebsiteChere._

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Important Notes

  1. Aside from adhering to the Submission Guidelines above, the Magazine Editors will base your submissions to the following criteria:
    Creativity: interesting and imaginative takes on the old and usual
    Originality: fresh, different, unconventional
    Relevance: timely and engaging stuff that the community will enjoy (i.e. requested posts)
    Overall Quality: cohesive paragraphs, grammatically sound, reader-friendly
  2. The Magazine Editors will prioritize submissions which belong to the current month’s Requested Posts. Published requested submissions will receive 10 Piggy Points. Published regular articles, which do not fall under the monthly requested topics, will receive 5 Piggy Points.
  3. It is the Magazine Editors’ right to bounce or reject submissions which do not comply to these guidelines and criteria.
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Examples of News Articles

  1. Current Events: News that’s hip to print and happening right now but still related to Lomography of course.
    _'Hotter Than Sahara' Weather This Summer_
  2. Lomography Shop & Workshop Updates Find out what’s going on at Lomography Gallery Stores all around the world, as well as recaps of past get-togethers.
    _Lomography Spain Presents El Consultorio Workshops_
    _Hiyyaaakk! The Ninja Diana F+ Workshop_
  3. Projects & Special Interest Pieces: Interesting endeavors by analogue enthusiasts the world over.
    _The Retired Policeman Who Shot a Bullet Through a Drop of Water_
  4. Spotted: Sightings of Lomography products in the media! Keep an eye out for celebrities and personalities shooting with our cameras, as well as magazines, shows, sites, and brands featuring Lomography items.
    _Spotted: Diana F+ Glow in the Dark in DJ Medhi Video_'
  5. Upcoming Events: Art or analogue photography movements happening soon and details of the occasion.
    _It Girls & Boys by Herb Ritts_

We have updated the Submission Guidelines of other Magazine sections as well. Here are the links:
Analogue Lifestyle, Locations, Reviews, and Tipster.

Got any comments, questions or feedback? Anything to help us make the Magazine better is welcome! Hit up a comment on this post or contact Erin and/or Jean if you want to discuss something in detail!_

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