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It’s the end of another analogue week and of course, we’re going to pick another Tipster article which captured the community’s hearts. Wanna know who bagged it this time? Read more and find out!

“Have fun with your expired film. Expect the unexpected! Since your film is expired and it may even smell funny, you have to be ready for a surprise when you receive your roll from the photo lab. This is the best part!”

This sweet tip is from our Tipster writer of the Week, *adi_totp*, who wrote about how one could yield good results with expired films. His article was short yet informative — especially if you haven’t tried shooting with expired films yet!

Read the full article: Make the Best Out of Your Expired Films

Congratulations, *adi_totp*! You get 10 very fresh (not expired!) Piggies for your terrific Tipster!

Do you want your article to be recognized as Tipster of the Week and earn 10 Piggies? Keep submitting your articles! Meanwhile, you can check our Requested Posts for March.

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