LomoKino Premiere Deluxe: My Daily Life

As the week is about to end, it’s just natural for anyone to make plans and busy themselves at these two remaining days, something to look forward to before the week resets back again to that five manic days of work.

But isn’t it nicer to abandon all those arrangements for the weekend and instead skip off to what you feel like doing?

With this carefree kind of outlook can effectively reveal a slice of your life that’s never been revealed before, or can even change the way things as they are now. And on this note, we now present you a Lomokino movie which made it as this week’s winner.

The Jury says:
With its diaristic attitude on which this movie was done, it’s amusing to see how a Lomokino camera can encapsulate a day’s worth of aimless meandering around town and just having a drink while enjoying everyone’s company as the day ends – all these are shown in a little bit over a minute.

Do you think you have what it takes to be the best Lomokino director there is? Or just want to have your movie seen here next? Then get them shortlisted by adding a tag of “lomokino nominee” on it and it will be automatically included in the running for our Lomokino Premiere Deluxe!

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