Best LomoKino Videos of the Week: Spaced Out

With these videos, you will end up watching them until your gaze becomes very blurry and will make everything in this world much more meaningful! Don’t know what we’re talking about? Read on then and see it for yourself!

So how do you start your day? Are you one of those who would normally tap his/her qwerty-keyed mobile and involuntary log in to check on your Facebook feed or tweet something very mundane just before they get out of their beds? To do these on a daily basis and not having a real intrapersonal communication at all, if not frustrating, could really be tiring and the effect of it is that you are actually missing a lot in your real life.

To let your mind drift away from time to time is one of the many healthy ways to relax or just see things on a rather different perspective – even just for a few minutes. How you do it, you ask? It’s easy, just watch these Lomokino selections we have here and stop asking what are they supposed to be, because it’s time to withdraw yourself and space out!

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