Spotted: LomoKino in Photography Monthly Magazine!

Browsing through the March issue of Photography Monthly, it was a surprise to spot a review of the LomoKino!

Having missed my train and having some time to kill, I decided to buy a magazine. I couldn’t stomach any celebrity gossip, so headed to the photography magazine section and bought the one that looked the most analogue-friendly. In it, I was very pleased to discover a review of the LomoKino!

Its a pretty positive review which could encourage digital devotees to give analogue a try. It has also encouraged me to buy Photo Monthly magazine again. Additionally, you can watch the video made by the reviewer on-line, so people can see the results for themselves.

Thanks to Photography Monthly for giving coverage to something other than the latest digital SLR or super-sized lens!

written by louwest on 2012-03-27 #news #review #magazine #lomography #news #coverage #lomokino #photography-monthly

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