Portraits of Strangers: Can I Take Your Picture?


Many people think that taking photos of strangers in the street is a very hard thing to do, and it is! But it is also very fun, so I decided to grab my Horizon Perfekt and walk through the main square of Lima asking people for a picture of them from the hip. This is what I got.

I work in the Historic Center of Lima, capital of Peru. My office is two blocks away from the Plaza de Armas or Main Square of the city. During a business day, you can see a lot of tourist from all over the world in those big double decked busses that are very popular in Lima these days, taking pictures and having a good time. There are local tourist too, people from other cities of Peru visiting the Plaza and having fun.

I live half an hour from the center of Lima and I had never walked so much around this beautiful place before. I used to come here a couple of times a year to visit the Cathedral and eat some ice cream with friends. Now, I practically live here! I think this is not only a place where a lot of important things happenend in the past, but it is also a place where you can live, breathe and feel the city. So, when I see all this people here, I can’t help wondering, What do you think about this place? I know it isn’t an easy question to answer, coming from a stranger with a very funny camera hanging from his neck. But if you ask politely, show them a friendly smile and be yourself; you can receive more than you expected!

So that’s how I did it! I was just walking around the square asking to strangers if I could take a picture of them. I must say that having my Horizon Perfekt with me helped me to get the photo, this camera looks amazing! :)

I took these with Lomography CN400

They asked me if I was a journalist (police man was really worried about finding his photo in the newspaper next day). I found two girls from Spain and Mexico, and a couple from United Kingdom who liked the camera and asked me to send them their picture to an email. I also wanted to take a photo to this guy who works in the square taking pictures of people with a small printer in his backpack. He was very glad that I wanted to have a photo of him and helped me to set the aperture of my camera. I promised to show him the results.

and these with a Fuji CN200

They were working, visiting the city, taking pictures or just spending the last days of summer here. It really doesn’t matter what they were doing, I realized that we are not used to talk to other people because we are always on a rush, or we don’t trust in strangers. But it is amazing what a smile and a beautiful camera can do to break that invisible wall we all have in front of us that protect us from finding really nice people around us.

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