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Analogue Gallery represents Toronto’s most unique and exclusive gallery in Canada! The gallery is well known for collecting wide variations of photographs of Rock & Roll history from over six decades. Lomography Canada was able to meet the owner and creative director behind Analogue Gallery, and was able to learn more about the gallery while experiencing the music through the stories that the photographs illustrated.

Photos taken with the LC-A+ and Lady Grey B&W 400 35mm

Please introduce yourself to our Lomographic Community!

My name is Lucia Graca and I am the owner and creative director of the gallery as well as a freelance music photographer.

Analogue Gallery is Toronto’s exclusive home of over six decades of Rock & Roll history. We are located at 637 Queen St. West, right in the heart of the arts and music district. Our entire archive can be seen at Analogue Gallery

Photos taken with the LC-Wide+ and Lomography CN 400 35mm

How did your gallery first get started?

The gallery opened its doors in November 2009, with an incredible collection of images that I brought from the UK where I had been working extensively with a Rock & Roll archive. This was the first time any of these images had been seen in Canada! The gallery has grown over the last few years, and now houses over 800 images as well as hosting tons of live music events and special exhibitions.

Photos taken with the LC-A+ and Lady Grey B&W 400 35mm

When did you first get interested in photography?

I started getting really into photography towards the end of high school, when I first learned how to use a dark-room. The first time I saw one of my images appear in the developer solution, I was hooked!

Photo taken with the LC-A+ and Lady Grey B&W 400 35mm

Who is your favorite Rock and Roll band?

That’s a tough one…can I say my top 3??…Radiohead, The Cure, The Libertines…and The Pixies! (I know that’s 4, sorry.)

Photo taken with the LC-A+ and Lady Grey B&W 400 35mm

What is your favorite (style, fashion, photograph) decade?

Also a tough question…I think pretty much every decade except for the 80’s and 90’s.

Photo taken with the LC-A+ and Lady Grey B&W 400 35mm

Tell us more about your permanent exhibition!

Our permanent collection spans over half a century in music history, and features music icons in jazz, rock, folk, rap, and everything in between. I really try to find the most rare, unseen and surprising images taken by some of the most prolific photographers of our time. I’ve had the pleasure of personally going through the archives of Ken Regan, Barrie Wentzell and Lynn Goldsmith. I feel really privileged to have gone through their negatives and heard their incredible stories.

I am as much a music fan and photography enthusiast, so the gallery houses my two loves, and I love when people come in and have the same reaction to them!

Photos taken with the LC-Wide+ and Lomography CN 400 35mm

What were some of your favorite exhibitions events that happened at AG so far?

We’ve had so many that it’s hard to decide. I mostly love when we combine live music in the gallery with the exhibition. It’s the perfect meeting of both worlds and how music history becomes part of the next generations…

What is your opinion about analogue vs digital?

The majority of the work we have in the gallery was shot on film and it really gives the images a beautiful feel of history while giving you the raw intensity of rock & roll.

Photo taken with the LC-Wide and Lomography CN 400 35mm

Describe your dream photograph that will show your personality!

I used to love shooting large format on this old toyo field camera I had. When each frame takes an hour to set up, you really think about every element in the frame… and the quality of prints is amazing!
I also love to travel with my holga. It’s so fun and playful, and the richness of the colors shots is great.

Please tell us your up-coming events and exhibitions for us to look out for!

Our next big exhibit is a celebration of The Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary! It’s an incredible collection of rare and unseen photographs of one of the world’s most iconic acts. The images date as far back at 1963, and were taken by famed rock photographers like Ken Regan, Lynn Goldsmith, Philip Townsend, Barrie Wentzell and Neal Preston.

Photo taken with the LC-A+ and Lady Grey B&W 400 35mm

Any tips for our Lomography Community about photography?

Always keep a camera on you and try to compose your images in unexpected ways. Play with angles and learn how to use natural light to your advantage.

Photo taken with the LC-Wide and Lomography CN 400 35mm

We will be following up with the Analogue Gallery to capture the glimpse behind the scenes of their next event!
Going to a Rock and Roll concert? Remember to bring your camera and share your experience so that you can grasp every moment of your favorite music idol!

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