One of the Most Prominent Universities in the World

Have you ever been to Cambridge, UK? If not, you should definitely visit one of the most prominent universities in the world!

Cambridge is a university town. The University of Cambridge is not a campus university, but rather made up of 31 constituent colleges, some of very old history and some fairly new. Each College have different architecture and style.

King’s College, Trinity College, and St John’s College are probably the more famous ones. They are mainly in the city center along The King’s Parade. Usually, these colleges are open for visitors. These colleges are very big and also very grand. I had the chance to visit St John’s and you can see courts after courts. It is actually quite easy to get lost inside.

St John’s is famous for its bridge of sighs.

Credits: phoenix1206

King’s College is famous for its chapel and also the chapel choir. Here’s a view of the chapel:

Credits: phoenix1206
Credits: phoenix1206

Whilst you are in Cambridge, don’t miss out punting on River Cam. It is a truly unique experience!

Apart from visiting the colleges, you can also visit the Fritzwilliam Museum.

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