The Gap Years: I Went to Work!

I knew, when I graduated, I didn’t want to go traveling yet. I also knew I didn’t want to dive head-first into a career in just anything. I decided to spend a year living back in Glasgow and working in a pizza shop until I decided what I wanted to do.

Credits: slumbrnghok

I wasn’t sure how I wanted to go about pursing my interests in film making. I’d already been to film school in New York where I’d learn how to make movies shooting analogue film stock. I made loads of short films on Arri S16 cameras. It was brilliant. When I finished my film degree at Aberdeen uni, I wasn’t sure how I wanted to go about getting a job in film.

I applied for a job in the pizza shop next to my house and worked there for a year. I made loads of great friends and went to a ton of awesome parties. After about a year, I got accepted to do a masters at a film school in London. I left all the friends I’d made. I was sad.

After three-and-a-half years in London working as a professional filmmaker, I am in the middle of re-thinking my career. I am working again in the pizza shop while I figured out which direction I’m best going in.

Here are some photographs to show that you don’t need loads of expensive trips round the world to have an amazing gap year. I worked in a pizza shop and got paid instead of traveling. I wouldn’t change my experience for anything!

Credits: slumbrnghok

If you want to order some pizza (I can possibly make it for you myself) visit:

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