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My profession requires me to travel from time to time so I have to stay in hotels for a few days per year. As hotels are somehow unreal places, I thought it would be interesting to catch a little bit of that spirit. So check in, this is Lobbygraphy!

Lobby of the Bellevue Hyatt

I tend to be in strange places, especially those where the complete environment is artificial, like malls, business centers, airports and of course, hotels! There is one spot in every hotel where everyone has to come across and that is the lobby.

But what is so interesting about a hotel lobby?

The lobby is the place where the action is. In bigger hotels there are also restaurants, bars and sometimes clubs directly connected, so this is where everyone meets. Furthermore, as this will be the first impression a guest will get, many hotels work out a complete concept for their lobbies. Okay, when you check in at a Hilton you might expect something different than at Ibis – but sometimes it’s also the smaller hotels that have more character or appeal. Also, it might be interesting to see just how similar some hotels are. Have you ever woken up in an Ibis and thought you were in a different city as the rooms are nearly identical in every hotel of this franchise? So why not turn a serious jetlag into something good?

As I spend some time in those hotels and I like to explore the area nearby, I thought I could roam around and take some pictures. I found a nice companion for these tasks in my Fuji Natura Classica as it is fast and easy to handle in subdued light and you can operate stealthily without using a flash!

My first destination was Bellevue, Washington, close to central Seattle. I booked a room at the Hyatt as a convention I was visiting took place there. It has been a good stay, the staff is nice and the lobby was a playground to explore. But see for yourself:

Credits: smu

I prefer my pictures to be calm and concentrated on shapes, so I took them at night at available light only. Someone else might have looked out for the people there or strange situations.

So here is where you get in.

If you travel and stay at a hotel (or if you are at an airport or office or anything that has a lobby), take a few picture, post them, and use the tag “lobbygraphy” and see a whole range of different styles of pictures—and maybe get a small hint about where to stay when in another city!

So if you like that idea, or maybe already did something similar, walk right in! This is Lobbygraphy!

The Fuji Natura Classica is an exceptional, light-sensitive camera which allows you to take stunning analogue photographs using only available light. Its Natural Photo mode detects the subject’s brightness and adjusts the exposure accordingly, eliminating the need to use flash. For images that radiate natural beauty, get your own Fuji Natura Classica now!

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  1. slumbrnghok
    slumbrnghok ·

    This is a great idea. You should take more pictures like this. I really like them.

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