Have You Pulled the Spinner String Enough?


Did you ever stop in the middle of a spin to think if you’ve pulled the string enough to make a complete 360º? Did you pull the string more, or perhaps let go a few centimeters? Worry no more and be guided!

If you haven’t had enough experience pulling the string of your Spinner 360, here’s a guide to know if you’ve pulled enough.

Here are the things we need:

  • your Spinner 360
  • exposed film
  • thread
  • needle
  • scissors

Step 1: Load an exposed and processed film to your Spinner 360. Set the aperture to either Sunny or Cloudy. Set the belt.

Pull the string halfway, pull it with enough force to give you a 360º turn, and pull it with force to give you more than a full swing or more than 360º. It is important that you set the aperture to either Sunny or Cloudy for you to know the actual spin your Spinner can do when loaded with film. Setting it to R or Rewind will give your Spinner a longer swing.

Step 2: Once you’ve made your estimations, time to stitch some threads on the string.

Make sure to hold the string with your dominant hand while stitching or sewing the thread. I used different colored threads for easier identification. Be careful with the needles! Cut the excess threads for your work to look neat.

You can actually use other materials in putting a marker onto the string of your Spinner. I used thread since it’s easy to find.

Here’s what it should look like afterwards:

This is NOT 100% accurate, this is only a guide!

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    naks! sabi ko na kilala ko tong camera eh hahaha

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