Checking Out India Street and Waterfront Park

India Street in Kuching is situated near Kuching’s famous Waterfront Park. Embedded with it’s own history, this street is a must-go for photographic enthusiasts.

India Street

Just like Singapore’s Little India, Kuching has an India Street too. The only difference is that the people in India Street are mostly Chinese and Malays. They have started business in this street long ago, which makes India Street occupied by a great majority of the two races rather than Hindus themselves.

This downtown area used to hold markets, hawker stalls, and a variety of retail shops. The first shopping mall with a car park was also found here. Sadly, as the years passed by, the development growth of Kuching increased and many areas around India Street have been turned into textile shops. Some old shops can still be found here though. Looking for ‘old’ stuff? India Street is definitely the right place for you!

There are a lot of textile shops here.

Waterfront Park

Waterfront Park is a park that refers to the Sarawak River. It situated not far from India Street and defines the South and North city of Kuching. These two cities can be reached by cars but short boat rides are usually provided for tourists to get to the other side (North City).

Moreover, modern sculptures (especially cat sculptures), an open-air theater, fountains, and a Chinese Museum (recommended) can be found around the park. There are also coffee shops for people who want to take a break and have a look at the river scenery.

Ever since I fell in love with Lomography, I will take a walk around these two cannot-miss-out places for photo shootings.

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