Left in the Dark to Let Snow Cascade Over Them

These aren’t sketches using graphite pencils or images by day that have been reversed in color. They are long exposures done in the night by advertizing photographer Michael Schnabel. The lines of the jagged rock formations, the stillness of lakes, and the powdery quality of the snow are hyper detailed. It takes a master of light to master the darkness.

Images via pdnphotooftheday

German photographer Michael Schnabel has achieved a new height in photography with his new series “Stille Berge” or Still Mountains. He didn’t climb these mountains with masses of photographic equipment strapped to his back, but crafted photos in an unusual method unlike his contemporaries.

The photos feature the Alps and are just as serene and majestic as other photos featuring the mountain range. What’s different about Schnabel’s works is that they were shot in the nighttime with no light used by Schnabel when photographing. Instead one-hour long exposures were administered to achieve these carbon print looking images, done in total darkness.

Image via pdnphotooftheday

“The night and its silence gives the mountains a sublimity, feeling of raw creation and aloofness that I strived to capture in my work.”

Schnabel’s works are currently on display at Galerie Photonet in Wiesbaden, Germany.

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