Anatomical Cross Sections in Paper by Lisa Nilsson


A Massachusetts-based artist has created some interesting masterpieces featuring human anatomy diagrams using rolled pieces of paper. Take a look at some of her work and be amazed after the jump!

Image via This is Colossal

If you think the Starry Night paper quill by Susan Myers was awesome, you will find Lisa Nilsson’s work just as interesting and extraordinary. The Massachusetts-based artist came up with a set called “Tissue Series” featuring anatomical cross-sections done in paper quill or paper filigree fashion.

To make her masterpieces, Lisa works with Japanese mulberry paper and gilded edges of old books. She creates small rolls of paper and pins them on an actual photographs of anatomical cross-sections until the intricate images of human anatomy are formed. The paper quill artworks each take several weeks to complete. They are housed in wooden boxes which Lisa also builds by hand.

“I find quilling exquisitely satisfying for rendering the densely squished and lovely internal landscape of the human body in cross section,” the brilliant artist shares on her website.

Here are some more snapshots of Lisa’s amazing anatomical cross-section paper quills:

If you liked her work, you can also check out another awesome anatomy art by Dan Beckemeyer!

All information and photos for this article were taken from This is Colossal and Lisa Nilsson's Website.

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