Teaching an Old Fish New Tricks with the Diana+ 20mm Fisheye Lens

Already well schooled in the ways of the Fisheye, I took the opportunity to test drive the 20mm Fisheye Lens hooked up to a Diana+ with Ringflash and shoot a roll of CN400 to see how it compared to my regular travelling companion, the Fisheye One.

Working for Lomography sure has it’s benefits! I’m given a one-of-a-kind passport to creativity, allowing me to get into all kinds of Lomographic mischief (within reason!) and feeling the urge to go fishing, I cast my line and hooked the 20mm Fisheye Lens for the Diana+.

Photo via Lomography

I was trusted enough to be let loose on my work mates and the general public with a newly aquired Diana+ Edelweiss loaded with Lomography CN400 120 and hooked up to a Ringflash. That coupled with the huge glass element of the fisheye lens made for a monstrous piece of kit that certainly turned some heads and creaked some necks!

Photo taken with Vignette App for Android

I was already well-schooled in the ways of the Fisheye but I was very excited to apply the same methods to square format photos and to expand on my technique by utilizing the additional features of the Diana+ that aren’t present on my Fisheye 1. One of my favourite features of the 20mm lens was the ability to quickly switch between 0.3m – 1m focusing and 1m – 2m focusing just with a simple twist of the lens barrel. I found myself doing this quite often!

Credits: johnnyw

The addition of the Ringflash to my kit also improved my photos, casting an even and impressive veil of light across my indoor fisheye photos shot at the Selfridges pop-up store in Birmingham.

Credits: johnnyw

After spending the day with my new acquisitions I felt it added a whole new dimension and a whole new level of creativity to shooting fishy photography, not to mention the amount of attention I recieved carrying my “odd looking contraption” around! Although I will never abandon the faithful companion I have in my Fisheye 1, I would definitely recommend hooking up the 20mm Fisheye lens to the Diana +, and stuffing a roll of your favorite 120 film behind it! Just be sure to shoot with the ‘12’ exposures mask to get the full fishy frame goodness that comes with the lens and don’t be afraid to get close, the lens will capture much much more than you can get you’re head around!

With the Diana+ 20mm Fisheye Lens, you can have a circular image on a square print. Get 180-degree images with the signature dreamy and soft-focused qualities of the iconic Diana camera using the Diana+ 20mm Fisheye Lens. Available in our Shop.

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