Florian Imgrund's Double Exposures in Monochrome


A German photographer got his first film camera two summers ago, and has been taking amazing photos ever since. Among them are some beautiful, nicely done double exposures. Take a look at some of his work after the jump!

If you check out Florian Imgrund‘s Flickr photostream, you’ll find a lot of outstanding film photographs, all in marvelous monochrome. So outstanding in fact that it’s not hard to assume that he’s been taking film photographs for years. But, the German photograper says he got started in the summer of 2010 after acquiring his first film camera.

Photos by Florian Imgrund via This is Colossal.

“The unique charm of analog photographs connected with the original handcraft of photography fascinate me. After I got my first analog camera in summer of 2010 I started shooting more and more,” he shares on his Flickr profile.

Among Florian’s eye-catching monochrome snaps are double exposures, all done without the aid of Photoshop and brimming with analogue goodness. In these doubles, Florian often puts together human elements against natural landscapes, thus creating an impression of man and his link to the world around him.

See more of his work on Flickr and check out his Facebook page.

"All information for this article were taken from This is Colossal.

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