One Weird Graduation Tradition


In Moscow there is the famous Bauman Technical University, which prepares high-skilled engineers for a lot of industry branches, starting from computer sciences to space rocket construction. So, people studying there are quite unusual.

They are always carrying a drawing barrel with an unfinished bolt scheme. Seriously, students there are very clever and open to new things. One of my friends studied there for six years, which brings us to the story about one of the unusual traditions, which occur in Bauman campus.

During Graduation Day at the university, precisely the day when the diploma is defended, students living at the campus from year to year do “Ridings in a Wash-Basin”. Yeah, they put all their lecture notes at the bottom of a metallic basin, take a bottle of strong drink, and ride on this wash-basin through the stairs inside their dormitory towards the exit. Usually all the buildings in the campus are not high, only five-stories, so, it’s not a long ride from the stairs while sitting in the wash-basin, but each floor should be met with a toast and a little story about one’s six years in the campus.

So when graduating students reach the exit of the dormitory he/or she become warmed up and somewhat prepared for the real riding. By the way, when undergrads come out of the building, his/her friends meet him/her with sprays of champagne or beer. =)

Afterwards, a graduate makes a hole in the metallic basin with a hammer and puts the tow-line into that hole. So another end of the tow-line is fixed on the car! The car makes some laps inside the campus with a basin and a gradient-student inside of it! It’s a really crazy-looking performance. In the end of the action, a happy, drunk, and knocked by hummocks-riding graduate unhooks the basin while shouting, “Engineer! Engineer! Engineer!”.

Hence, this is the ridiculous graduation tradition at Bauman Moscow State Technical University. I find it funny, don’t you?

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