The Water Whisperer

These photos, like the paintings by trees, involved having specific forces of nature act upon them and not just the natural gases and elements found in photo development liquids. Artist Matthew Brandt photographs lakes and reservoirs across the Sates and does something special to the developed serene scenes, tantamount to “giving back to nature”.

Image via Yossi Milo Gallery

If you left your photo out in the sun, dropped water on it, or smudged it with greasy fingers, you’d be left pretty upset wouldn’t you. You’d also be left with a pretty lousy image of whatever it is you had set out to capture a memory of, barely making it out from under the crust and globs of misplaced photographic ink.

LA-based artist Matthew Brandt brings his photos of nature out of the protective plastic casing they are handed back to him in and purposely exposes them to the elements just talked about, specifically the actual bodies of water he’s used as the subject matter in the photos.

Images via Yossi Milo Gallery

The prints are C-Prints and are soaked in lake water. The title of the series is “Lakes and Reservoirs” and truly involves these bodies of water to the fullest extent, even if some of them are running dry. Who would have thought achieving these awesome, vibrant, colors could be so natural!

Can you think up ways of providing voices to the otherwise silent elements of nature that we love photographing and spending so much time in?

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