The LomoKinoScope Is Now Sold Separately!

Missed out on getting a LomoKinoScope when you first got your LomoKino? No worries because it’s now sold separately!

So you’ve got your LomoKino movies ready for viewing? The LomoKinoScope is an easy-to-use accessory that allows you to immediately watch your LomoKino masterpieces; simply load your processed film and start winding the knob to view your movie!

A screenshot from All Good Things Are Wild & Free by wedreamalone

With the LomoKinoScope you can also start recording your LomoKino movies using your smartphone – just pair it up with the LomoKino Smartphone Holder! Curious about how it works? Visit the LomoKino Accessories page for more details.

Take a Closer Look at the LomoKinoScope

written by shhquiet on 2012-03-14 #news #film #35mm #movie #lomokino #lomokinoscope

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