A Story of a Vintage Lomo Camera, Found in Canada

Kimon, our Lomography Canada Staff introduces his original, classic Lomography Camera! Do you have any unique cameras that you found? Share your story with us!

Photo Via: kimonophoto

What is the name of your Camera/ What is the model?
Lomo Voskhod 35mm viewfinder camera 1964 -1968

Photo Via: kimonophoto

Please tell us how you found this Camera!
Inherited from my great Aunt & Uncle who lived in Greece!

How often do you like to shoot with this Camera?
I had this camera for close to 5 years now, it wasn’t until recently that I decided to try out this family treasure! Getting back my first roll made me addicted and for now this is the only camera I shoot with!

What kind of film works best with this Camera?
This is a fully manual camera, so any film works great. But for that vintage feel I use the Redscale lomo film.

Is there any special effects you can do with this Camera
Not in particular, just getting amazing soft focus photos with amazing exposures!

Check out the gallery of the photos that Kimon took with his Lomo Voskhod 35mm viewfinder Camera!

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