Munich, Augsburg, Nurnberg...Found After 15 Years!


This is a story of a film roll that has been missing for more than ten years and was recently found in a drawer. These photos were taken in the middle of the 1990’s with my trusty Praktica LB. The roll was found two years ago and developed in a professional mini lab.

In the middle of the 1990’s, I lost some films rolls containing photos I’ve taken in Germany during my summer vacation. These photos were my first attempts to capture architectural images using a technique and a composition still rudimentary and very imperfect at that time. But even from my mistakes I learned to shoot better!




What I learned from my mistakes:
1) Always take with you a wide angle for architectural photography (nowadays I’ll take with me a Lomo LC-Wide!).

2) You need patience, waiting if necessary up to several minutes before shooting to avoid including in the photo some disturbing elements (cars, people).

3) Choose the right time, when there are few or no people around, like at dawn.

4) If there are too many disturbing elements, remove them with a telephoto lens.

5) Do not take pictures at random, but contextualize them in a reportage. For example, taking a series of photos of buildings of a particular architect or builder

6) Also include some funny pictures, like street artists in front of the main monuments

7) Few colors are better than many, even in architectural photography

8) Beware of falling lines! You can use falling lines only if you need a dynamic point of view!

All these photos were taken with a Praktica LB and a Agfa color 100 ISO film. Note that the colors are balanced and grain is not too much in a film developed after 15 years!

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