The Napkin You'll Want to Tie Around Your Collar

What a cute, inventive, and classy at the same time, creation these napkins with graphics of business ties are! Good for a quirky, casual, dinner with friends in t-shirts as well as for a black-tie affair. Furthermore, if you have to dash back to work from your sit-down meal, forgetting to remove your bib, no one will notice your forgetfulness, but instead your good taste in fashion!

Images via Yatzer

Héctor Serrano is a London-based design studio, the designers of the “Dress for Dinner Napkins” seen here. No more feeling embarrassed from fixing your paper napkin to your collar like a bib, and no more regrets in the form of impossible to remove stains from the times you didn’t owing to the fact you felt like a child. The fun, simple, nicely designed, solution is also a fashion statement and, depending on how the spaghetti sauce splatters, can transform into a piece of abstract art!

Image via Yatzer

An idea for your party would be to hand them out to guests according to the food on the menu for the evening, such as striped-tie napkins for noodles, polka-dots for round dumplings, and the exclusive black-tie for more formal occasions.

Can you think of anything else you’d like to see taken from the drab and somewhat embarrassing to the ultra-hip?

This article was inspired by this Lost At E Minor piece.

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